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Contractual employees in Delhi
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Hello sir, we are the Para medical staff working in various hospitals of Delhi govt would like to draw your kind attention towards 3 LAC contractual employees working in Delhi govt. Sir apart of favourable decision from honourable Delhi high court...................W.P(C)6798/2002. Sir contrary to Delhi high court decision Delhi government has now filled a case in supreme court against us on 17/11/2014 Monday ...Slp number 17880-17890 in supreme court just to deprive us from justice. Sir we barely able to meet our basic needs of our family, it is impossible for us to represent ourselve in supreme court. Sir simultaneously due to all these our work is also severely effected .sir we have no hopes rather than you.please help sir for this help we all contractual employees along with their family will remain thankful for our whole life.
With regards
All contractual Para medical staff
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