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sir, we shifted in rohini sector 16 e-4-12. we have given 25000 security amount,10000 dealer,4000 to maharaja properties dealer,10000 shifting,10000 electronic fitting and cable and phone, but just after the one week the land Mrs madhu mehra who is the landlord of the property demanded to empty the floor in 48 hours giving the excuse that she has sold the property we have demanded our expenses but she is denying to give us a single penny and daily threaten us that she will call gundas to throw our household things out. due course she has given our upper floor to any labor of her son-in-law's factory and they people are throwing garbage and all bad things at our door and trying to harass us.
we have given rent till aug13 but the land lord has not given us receipt we have not demanded the receipts in good faith.
pl advice what should we do
1- either to leave the house without our money
or to fight for our right.

i will be thankful if u publish y problem.
what to do if ur land lord harrss you?

leave the house without ouccerd expenses

fight for rights

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